Chevrolet’s Teen Driver Program Allows Parents to Monitor Teen Drivers

Everyone knows that teen drivers have an unfortunately high accident rate. Even the most vigilant, attentive teens can end up in car collisions, because no matter how responsible they are, the experience just isn’t there.

Thankfully, Chevrolet is implementing a new feature in upcoming cars that will ease the minds of parents of teen drivers who may worry about their child driving. The new “Teen Driver” system essentially delivers a report card to parents with all the latest details over their kids’ performance.

“Teen Driver” keeps track of car speeds, noting the highest speed that the car achieved. It knows how much distance has been covered, and it also remembers every time “collision alerts” or other automatic preventative measures were enacted.

Another clever concept behind “Teen Driver” doesn’t allow the radio to start until all seatbelts are fastened. Even if you’re a teen – that measure is hard to disagree with.

Chevrolet’s “Teen Driver” will be available in the 2016 Malibu, and if successful, will likely spread as an option for other new Chevy vehicles.

Next-Generation Chevrolet Malibu Can Handle Any Pothole In The World

The clues keep coming in about the next-generation Chevrolet Malibu. Probably the most important concerns its debut. The new Malibu will pirouette at the upcoming New York Auto Show next month.

Until then, we’ve learned a little about where Chevrolet has taken the new design. Gathering from a teaser video, the automaker is focusing on the Malibu’s durability. Sounds like they’ve taken design aspect to the extreme. Automotive News quotes the Chevy as saying that they’ve pooled data recording every “harshness and frequency of every jounce, bump and shudder inflicted on the car on roads in the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia and developing markets.”

While they know that the average Malibu owner isn’t going to come anywhere near the design limits of the Malibu, Chevy wants the interested buyer to know that the Malibu isn’t the kind of ride to ever let them down. In fact, the Malibu’s reliability and durability has always been strong.  JD Power tapped the Malibu as being most reliable in its three-year reliability study. Some things never change and some things never should.

The 2015 Silverado Custom Features: Strong and Simple

Chevy is getting back to the basics with the new 2015 Silverado Custom. This new package offers drivers a chance to experience the best in pickup engineering, with simple styling and high-performance technology.2015 Silverado Custom features

According to Chevy, the 2015 Silverado Custom features include alloy wheels, exterior chrome trim, Chevy MyLink, and Wi-Fi among other things. All of this will come in a double-cab, with an array of engine options. The standard will be the massive 5.3-liter EcoTec V8, capable of producing 355 hp and getting up to 23 mpg highway.

“The economic recovery has led to booming sales of high-end pickups like the Silverado High Country,” said Sandor Piszar, marketing director for Chevy Trucks. “But there are also millions of customers in the heart of the market who want a great looking, well-equipped truck at an affordable price. The Silverado Custom is a truck they can be proud to own and proud to drive.”

The Custom model is for pickup owners that are looking for durable trucks that last a long time. Not only is the new model incredibly tough thanks to high-strength steel, but it is also easy to maintain and inexpensive to repair. This truck is ideal for any hard-working owner.

Chevrolet Safety Technology Protects You Out on the Roads

Automakers have been finding all kinds of new ways to implement technology in their vehicles—from exciting new internet connectivity to upgraded infotainment systems and much more. However, there is a less sexy but even more important side to technology—safety. Fortunately, Chevrolet has risen to the challenge, delivering tons of great safety technology on their 2015 year models.

For example, most 2015 models come with a rearview camera, which provides you a clearer and wider view of the world behind you as well as helping you park and much more. “The majority of shoppers agree that the most important technology feature in their cars is a rearview camera,” said Michelle Krebs, senior analyst. “Not only do they want this feature, they expect it to be a standard feature in new or used vehicles on dealer lots.”

Since, like we said, almost every Chevy vehicle now offers this technology, the Bowtie brand is obviously the best option for customers looking to stay safe on the roads. The rearview camera isn’t the only exciting new Chevrolet safety technology, though. Vehicles also feature rear cross traffic alert, a special Safety Alert Seat, and much more. Come see us at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet to learn more.

Chevrolet Will Soon Give You a Warning before You Breakdown

Getting stranded on the side of the road because of a breakdown is never fun, not for you, your passengers, and especially not your wallet. Now imagine if you could get a warning before you breakdown.

This type of technology is currently in the works and will debut on select 2016 Chevrolet models, including the Equinox, Tahoe, Suburban, Corvette, and Silverado. Initially, the sensors will only be keeping tabs on the battery, starter, and fuel pump, but as the technology improves, more components will be added.

The sensors will gather data, which will then be transferred to OnStar. There, servers will analyze the data and use that information to predict when problems could occur. If a potential problem is discovered, the driver will be notified via a text message, email, in-car alert, or an app notification.

This amazing technology will be an opt-in service that will rely on the 4G LTE capabilities of OnStar. And, with all of this data, it could potentially help GM produce parts that are better and better and ultimately improve its vehicles.

Are you looking forward to having this technology available in your future Chevrolet?

Chevrolet PowerWall Helps Engineers Refine Chevy Parts

Chevrolet is always looking to bring their customers a more refined product and to keep costs down during design and manufacture. For those reasons, Chevrolet designers and engineers use something called a PowerWall.

This is a device that is actually just as cool as its name. The PowerWall is made up of a 240 square-foot display and two 4k projectors. Engineers use it to refine a part’s design before ordering a physical prototype. Prototypes are expensive and with the PowerWall, engineers can use the super-large display to examine every little detail of a part’s 3D model.

2015 Colorado - chevrolet powerwall

2015 Colorado


GM Authority shares one example of the PowerWall’s effectiveness. The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado is outfitted with a chrome assist step. Engineers wanted to be sure that the drainage holes in the step did not create any glare. They could actually create a 3D model and pore over it using the PowerWall to ensure there wasn’t any glaring issues before ordering the prototype.

Visit Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet today and experience the beautiful results of Chevrolet PowerWall today!

Automakers Seek To Protect Consumer In Automobile Data Disclosure Agreement

As we spend more our lives connected to the interwebs, our privacy becomes increasingly vulnerable. And one place in particular that’s gotten hotter over the years in terms of connectivity is the car. Automotive News calls them “smartphones on wheels.” To ensure protection, a group of automakers, including General Motors, have made a big move to protect the privacy of automobile consumers.

What it boils down to is transparency. Principles drawn up by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers would require automakers to “disclose to consumers the types of data they collect and how that data is to be used or shared.”

And no, these policies will not be buried in fine print somewhere. Consumers will be able to review the specifics of these protection policies in “owner’s manuals, on displays inside vehicles or on internet-based registration portals managed by the companies.” Automobile data disclosure adds a whole new dimension to car-buying. We here at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet are proud that GM has moved on their own to protect their customers.

Chevy’s Colorado Hauls the 2015 Truck of the Year Award All the Way Home

In a unanimous vote, the Motor Trend editors/jurors chose the 2015 Chevy Colorado as recipient of the prestigious 2015 Truck of the Year® award.

2015 Truck of the Year award - 2015 ColoradoTen competing models were selected as all-new or significantly updated trucks entering the market for the 2015 model year. Chevy’s much-anticipated re-entry into the mid-size truck class was invited to compete for the award in two model trims: the WT and Z71.

“After days of testing, hundreds of miles on the road, and our most rigorous truck testing program to date, our editors unanimously selected the Chevy Colorado as our 2015 Truck of the Year,” said Edward Loh, editor-in-chief for Motor Trend. “Colorado is a smart, capable, and refreshingly honest truck that makes a strong value and efficiency statement. It’s perfectly sized and suited for the needs of many of today’s truck users.”

From the beginning, Chevy’s intent has been to change the truck game by providing options which truck drivers want and need. It looks to us like the automaker’s been successful, but stop by Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet today and decide for yourself.

2015 Chevy Colorado Assembly Requires Incredible Attention to Detail

Chevy recently announced that after testing them with laser-scanning systems, the bodies on its vehicles are virtually perfect. Parts used on vehicles like the Colorado are perfected to the last millimeter to make sure you get the absolute best out of your car or truck. Here at Dale Earnhardt Chevy, we’re glad to hear we’re not the only one’s watching our figures after Thanksgiving!

2015 Coloardo interior - 2015 Chevy Colorado assemblyAccording to Chevy, hundreds of parts were tested at the Wentzvile Assembly Plant in Montana, where Colorado models are being built, in order to ensure they’re flawless. Before parts used in the new design from over 20 suppliers hit the assembly line, they must be carefully inspected to make sure customers are getting the absolute best.

“We’re working with an entirely new vehicle architecture as well as the latest technology available for dimensional management,” said Bryan Vickery, dimensional engineer for Body Maintenance at Wentzville. “The process is a big part of delivering improved body structures, which translates to great vehicles to our customers.”

Everything from rivets to wheels is being inspected, so no need to worry. The 2015 Chevy Colorado assembly is made better than ever with such attention to detail.

How Chevy “Technology and Stuff” Mishap Turned into an Opportunity

By now you’ve likely heard about the Chevy “technology and stuff” mishap. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap: during the presentation of the World Series MVP award a couple of weeks ago, Chevrolet spokesman Rikk Wilde stumbled over his lines. While presenting the features of the new Chevrolet Silverado, Wilde said the truck “combines class winning and leading, um, you know, technology and stuff.”

These things happen, but when it happens on national television in front of a live audience, a little stumble can feel painfully awkward. Instead of pretending it didn’t happen, Chevy embraced the error that any human could have made, and capitalized on the opportunity to poke a little fun at itself via social media. The result? Chevy turned the blunder into an opportunity to relate with its audience.

While this isn’t the sort of publicity any company hopes or plans for, Chevy’s marketing team was able to turn embarrassing into funny, with a simple tweet. The team posted a picture of the Silverado along with this: “Ya know … class leading technology and stuff.” According to, it only took a few minutes for #technologyandstuff and #chevyguy to start tending across multiple social media platforms.

After noticing such a positive and playful response, the automaker went so far as to update their television commercial to say, “you know you want a truck … and stuff.”

This is a prime example of the power of opportunity, quick thinking, and a sense of humor.

So, are you ready to test drive a Silverado… and stuff? Stop by Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet today to see all that technology… and stuff, for yourself. Ok, we’re done now.