Chevy’s Colorado Hauls the 2015 Truck of the Year Award All the Way Home

In a unanimous vote, the Motor Trend editors/jurors chose the 2015 Chevy Colorado as recipient of the prestigious 2015 Truck of the Year® award.

2015 Truck of the Year award - 2015 ColoradoTen competing models were selected as all-new or significantly updated trucks entering the market for the 2015 model year. Chevy’s much-anticipated re-entry into the mid-size truck class was invited to compete for the award in two model trims: the WT and Z71.

“After days of testing, hundreds of miles on the road, and our most rigorous truck testing program to date, our editors unanimously selected the Chevy Colorado as our 2015 Truck of the Year,” said Edward Loh, editor-in-chief for Motor Trend. “Colorado is a smart, capable, and refreshingly honest truck that makes a strong value and efficiency statement. It’s perfectly sized and suited for the needs of many of today’s truck users.”

From the beginning, Chevy’s intent has been to change the truck game by providing options which truck drivers want and need. It looks to us like the automaker’s been successful, but stop by Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet today and decide for yourself.

Chevrolet Named Diesel Manufacturer of the Year

Diesel drivers everywhere love Chevrolet, and that’s why The Diesel Driver magazine named the brand the Diesel Manufacturer of the Year, based on votes received by the magazine. Chevy blew away the competition, taking a whopping 45 percent of the votes by brand. The Chevy Cruze Diesel, which was also named the Diesel Car of the Year, was even more dominant in its win. It took 59.3 percent of the votes for best diesel car, beating out prestigious competition from Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche, among others.

“The Chevrolet Cruze Diesel, with a market-leading 46 mpg highway, is clearly setting the pace for diesel-powered cars in the United States,” Jonathan Spira, editorial director of The Diesel Driver, said. “The message from our readers is clear. Diesels are back and Chevrolet is in the forefront.”

The Cruze Diesel features a 2.0L clean turbo-diesel engine to achieve a 46 mpg highway mark. With that engine, the Cruze Diesel is able to chronicle a 717 mile trip on one tank of diesel fuel. That comes out to approximately 10 hours of highway driving. The updated 2015 Cruze is on display right now at the New York International Auto Show. You can check it out there or come in to Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet to see the award-winning Chevrolet Cruze Diesel firsthand.