Top Global Green Brand List Includes Chevrolet

Big news in the green energy and auto world! Chevrolet has made their first appearance on Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Green Brands Report. The list is determined by the market perception of the brand and actual environmental performance of the company and its products. Since Interbrand is considered the best place in the world for brand consultancy, this is just as big of a deal as we’re making it out to be.

Jez Frampton, Interbrand’s global CEO, was very complimentary of Chevrolet and their results in the study that lead to the list being created. The recent news release from Interbrand reflected Frampton’s thoughts, “The company is not only actively demonstrating its environmental commitment; it’s communicating those efforts in an authentic way that resonates with customers.”

Chevy has a full line of eco-friendly vehicles over the last several years. We’ve really seen the biggest impact on the small, compact, and mini car segments come from the Cruze. Since its release in 2010, Chevy has seen its share in the three segments triple.

It’s not something any of us are complaining about. With Chevrolet’s continued success in the green industry, the company has been committing quite of a bit of time and effort to expanding their green reach globally. They’ve invested time into the research and development of renewable energy, landfill-free initiatives, a carbon-reduction initiative, and reinvesting in clean-energy technologies.

If you come into Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet today, we’d be happy to tell you more about why Chevrolet is a top global green brand. And of course, we’d love to take you for a test drive in any of the fuel-efficient cars on the lot.