2014 Spark EV Test Drive is Range Record Setter

Usually, the Chevrolet Spark EV can hit 82 miles easy, based on its EPA-estimated 119 MPGe rating. Recently though, Chevrolet engineers bragged that the Spark EV has the capacity to actually go about twice that distance on a single charge…if pushed to do so. Digital Trends decided to test out that boast—and the results were outstanding.

The folks at Digital Trends took the Spark EV to a racetrack, set all dials to optimal efficiency mode—turning off MyLink and climate control systems, for starters—and hit the track. Just because they were on a racetrack, doesn’t mean they were speeding along. In fact, they drove the Spark EV at a consistent speed of just 18.5 mph. There’s nothing slow or even remotely boring about the results of their distance test. The Spark EV held on for six hours of driving out of its battery; ending the test drive after finally running out of juice after 139.7 miles of driving.

This is far more impressive than you might think. Even Chevy’s engineers audibly gasped at the accomplishment, according to Digital Trends. So if you can stand to drive a little slower than the average blue-haired maven, you can get 140 miles out of your Spark EV too. On the other hand, if you think you might want to drive a little closer to the speed limit, you can still get some pretty incredible mileage out of a Spark EV. We’ve got a few at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet just waiting for you to get here.

Save with the 2014 Spark EV

Saving money has become even more important over the years. We understand that just as much as you do. Chevrolet gets the idea as well. The automaker is releasing the 2014 Spark EV with saving in mind. This completely electric mini car has the ability to save its owners approximately $9,000 in gasoline over the course of five years. That’s the equivalent of $150 each month.

When you break it down into a monthly sum, it may not seem like much, but it is. If you really think about it, you can buy some really great things with that extra $9,000.

  • About 5 roundtrip tickets to England
  • 9,000 Snickers bars
  • 6,425 Starbucks Tall Coffees
  • Two seats at a four championship round baseball games
  • A used car
  • 900 music albums

Or you could always put that $9,000 into paying off the brand new Spark EV you just bought. Get the picture? Saving money on gas because you chose to purchase an efficient car is definitely the way to go.

Just in case you need to hear a few more facts before making that decision, listen up. The EV has the most efficient MPG in its class at 119 and it has a driving range of 82 miles per charge. Did we mention that with tax incentives, the starting price is a reasonable $25,000?

Chevy’s director of small car and electrified vehicle marketing, Cristi Landy, says, “Spark EV is one of the most affordable EVs on the market, with one of the lowest costs of ownership of any new vehicle out there.  Spark EV is a great city car that rewards frequent use by being fun, efficient and affordable.”

Although the Spark EV has not been released nationwide yet, all you have to do is contact Dale Earnhardt Chevy and we’ll track one down for you.