Start/Stop Technology Is Standard for 2015 Impala

With gas prices showing no signs of declining back to the wonderful $2 mark it was less than a decade ago, everyone is looking for ways to save on gas. Chevrolet has found the perfect way to help you do just that. The 2015 Impala will have start/stop technology come as a standard feature on all models.

What does this technology do for you? It automatically shuts down your car’s engine whenever you are stopped at a stop light, stop sign, or in other select driving situations. For those of you who know someone who owns a new model Chevy Malibu with it, you can ask them how much they love this feature. The Malibu experiences a 14% in city fuel economy with the start/stop technology.

Adding the start/stop as a standard feature will be a first for Chevy and the Impala is the lucky first car to enter that category. With the added technology, the 2015 Impala’s efficiency should increase from previous models by a minimum of 5%.

Of course it’s no secret why the technology was added. “Stop/start system customer research indicates they want the engine to start up as quickly and smoothly as possible after a stop,” said Mark Meyers, Chevrolet Global Vehicle Performance manager. This means you’re going to get an incredibly user friendly car when you pick up the new Impala.

The biggest decision you’re going to have to make when you come in to Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet to pick up the 2015 model is what color you want.

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