Our List of Best Car-Cleaning Products

We are willing to bet you’ve got this whole car-cleaning thing down to a science. What if we told you there are some products out there that will change your attitude about cleaning your car altogether? Prepare for an entirely new definition of clean – here are is our list of best car-cleaning products for getting the job done right.

First of all, never use household cleaning agents like hand soap, dishwashing detergent, or glass cleaner on the paint – these aren’t formulated for use on cars, and can break down or even strip the protective wax.

All of our favorites can be found on Amazon, so we’ve linked to each one below. Happy car washing!

The mitt. Really, any mitt will do, as long as you find microfiber or lamb’s wool. Other materials may scratch your car or leave behind fibbers.

The brush. Consider a long-arm, adjustable brush from reaching difficult areas, especially on a truck or SUV. This particular one hooks up to your hose and provides and on-off switch allowing you to control the water. Make sure the brush has soft bristles to ensure a gentle wash.

The wash. Your car wash should easily lift dirt, lather well, and leave a spotless, shiny finish. The less you have to use to accomplish these goals, the better! Concentrated formulas tend to last longer and work well.

The wheel cleaner. Find a cleaner that will dissolve dirt, grime, and brake dust. Your wheel cleaner should be safe on painted, anodized, and clear coated wheels. This particular version turns red as it breaks down dirt and grime, which is incredibly satisfying.

The grit guard.  Never heard of it? The grit guard is often overlooked, but well-worth spending a few bucks on. Placed at the bottom of your bucket, the grit guard catches dirt and debris from your mitt or sponge, and keeps it safely locked away in the bottom of the bucket. Your soapy water will stay cleaner for longer.

For even more tips and tricks for washing your prized possession, check out these 10 Tips to Clean and Detail Your Car Like A Pro.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments what your favorite products are!

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