“Ergo Chair” Helps Make Third-Row Seat Possible for Chevy Traverse

There are a million things to love about the Chevrolet Traverse, but the one feature that everyone agrees is tremendous is the third-row seat. The seat has coat hooks, lights, infotainment, safety features, and its own climate control. No longer will three of your passengers have to pine for all of the fun stuff that happens in the front; they can have their own party in the back.

We’re not stretching at all by saying ‘party’ either. There is more than enough space in the back seat for three adults to fit comfortably. See for yourself and come check it out at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet today.

Quite a bit went into creating this luxurious seating option. In fact, GM had to create the “Ergo Chair,” a custom designed chair that lets GM assembly plant workers maneuver during the installation process of the intricate back seat. “Our goal was to get the operator in and out of the vehicle in the safest and most ergonomic fashion to allow them to do the high amount of overhead and rear work required,” Dave Bentoski, lead of the Ergo Chair design team, said.

Obviously the Chevrolet brand pays attention to detail. We all knew this before and we’re sure you did as well, but the depths the bowtie went to just to create a seat for the Traverse shows that passengers are the most important part of the car.

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