Chevrolet and Launch Ride & Seek Campaign

Ride & Seek Campaign

Driving Safe This Fall

Safety Matters Most

Wearing a seatbelt is common sense for many drivers, but the teenage demographic often seems to have missed the memo. Despite warning signs and reminders all over the road, young drivers have a tendency to forego wearing a seatbelt. That’s prompted Chevrolet to partner up with to launch the Ride & Seek campaign.

Promoting Seatbelt Usage

Designed to promote seatbelt usage among teenagers, the Ride & Seek campaign features a text message-based experience that allows teens to print a campaign poster and share it via text. Doing so will net teenagers a chance to win a $5,000 scholarship.

Engineered For Safety

“We are pleased to work with an organization like to help spread the message about the importance of seat belt use,” said Tricia Morrow, Chevrolet’s safety engineer. The campaign initially launched a series of videos and includes many internet celebrities. The first video, titled “Amanda Steele Plays the Guessing Game,” features none other than Amanda Steel, star of a fashion-related YouTube channel. Steele also has a role in Guidance, a Hulu show.

Ride & Seek Campaign

The Ride & Seek campaign has a final goal of getting more teenage drivers to make use of their seatbelts. A vital safety feature that comes standard in every vehicle, seatbelts are the most basic first line of passenger protection in a collision.

We here at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet in Newton, NC hope to see seatbelt usage rise among teenage drivers.

Car Seat Safety Tips

Car Seat Safety TipsKnowing how to properly place and secure a car seat is vital to the safety of your child. Here are some car seat safety tips to help you and your family feel more secure.

First, while you’ll eventually have to turn the car seat around when your child’s legs grow too long, a rear-facing position is the safest way to secure a car seat, so keep it that way for as long as possible. Check the label and make sure the seat is appropriate for your child’s height and weight, and make sure the expiration date hasn’t passed. Car seats are only good for around six years!

Whether rear- or front-facing, a car seat needs to be tightly and accurately buckled in. Many car seats have click-in bases now, which simplifies the process. But if you don’t have one of these, you should follow the instructions that come with your car seat closely and practice until you can secure the seat quickly and efficiently.  You will often be in a hurry to get in your car and go, and you still need to buckle your baby in tight!

When in doubt, refer to the instructions that came with your car seat to ensure that it is properly installed!