GM Aims For Safety With Rear Seat Reminder Technology

rear seat reminder technology

General Motors has often been the automaker leading the charge in introducing groundbreaking safety technology. For instance, GM innovated the recent Teen Driver system. It’s a brilliant bit of technology that helps parents keep track of their teen driver’s performance.

Now General Motors has done it again with the brand new Rear Seat Reminder Technology. Just as the name suggests, this technology reminds drivers to check the rear seat when the vehicle is turned off. The new gadget will be available on seventeen 2018 GM models.

The way the Rear Seat Reminder Technology works is that it keeps track of the rear door use. If either rear door has been opened or closed within ten minutes of the vehicle being turned on, then the system will sound a chime and display an alert in the driver information center when the vehicle has been turned off.

GM recently made the announcement that this technology would become widely available in 2018. That announcement came on the heels of news that a man who had abandoned his infant in the rear seat of his vehicle, which resulted in the death of the child, had been sentenced to life in prison. GM clearly aims to prevent these kinds of tragic incidents with the advent of the Rear Seat Reminder Technology.

The myChevrolet Mobile App: Keeping You and Your Car Connected

myChevrolet Mobile App

Your Chevy Gets A Mobile Upgrade

Chevy recently announced that it will be showcasing an upgraded version of the myChevrolet App at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Currently available through OnStar RemoteLink apps, myChevrolet provides a user friendly was to stay better connected while in your car.

The myChevrolet mobile app lest you have easier mobile access to things like roadside assistance, parking reminders, owner’s manual information, vehicle diagnostics, Wi-Fi hotspots, and even key fob commands, according to Chevy. Basically, myChevrolet is keeping you better connected to your car.

“The myChevrolet app will be the most comprehensive vehicle app available – and will support the ownership experience over the life of the vehicle,” said Paul Edwards, vice president, Chevrolet marketing. “By integrating OnStar RemoteLink features into the myChevrolet app, we’re creating a one-stop-app for owners to manage their vehicle with one user profile and unified log-in.”

Chevy owners have already used a version of myChevrolet up to 50 million times in 2015. The new app will come with streamlined systems, a more user-friendly interface, and more. It is now available on select 2010 and newer retail Chevy models at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet in Charlotte, NC.