GM Earns Title as Top-Selling Auto Brand in 2015

Top-Selling Auto Brand in 2015

Steer Towards Chevy

2015 was a big year for the automotive industry, both in the United States and around the globe. Total sales of automobiles reached record highs, as more cars were sold last year than ever before. The automaker leading the charge in the ongoing rebound of the American automotive market was General Motors.

As top dog, General Motors was the top-selling auto brand in 2015 in North America, South America, and China. The automaker 3.6 million vehicles in North America and China each, proving that GM is still on the rise.

“GM continued to grow in 2015 as our focus on the customer and successful new vehicle launches more than offset the challenging conditions in South America and the curtailment of our presence in certain markets such as Russia,” said GM President Dan Ammann.

The GM brand with the biggest success story in 2015 was Chevrolet, which continued to be the best-selling badge in GM’s portfolio year after year. In fact, Chevy’s total sales increased 5% in 2015, exceeding 2.1 million and greatly contributing to the stunning 9.8 million vehicles sold by GM around the globe last year.

Despite those high numbers, each one of those vehicles were made with care and quality, just like the Chevy models we’re selling at Dale Earnhardt Chevy in 2016.

Take a Trip on The Dale Trail

The Dale Trail

Dale Trail Ridge

Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet is especially interested in Dale Earnhardt. We think that he is fantastic, and are proud of serving the area around The Dale Trail, which goes through Dale Earnhardt’s hometown and stops at landmarks which relate to his life and NASCAR career.

The tour begins along Dale Earnhardt Blvd, in Kannapolis, North Carolina, which was named in 1992. On this street is the Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Visitor Center where people can pick up a collectible brochure and map of The Dale Trail.

Once on the trail, you will visit the Car Town neighborhood where Dale grew up and used to race his bike. You will also see where he cruised in his yellow ’56 Chevrolet as a teenager. During these stops, you will learn about how Dale gained his love for racing by watching his dad (Ralph Earnhardt) build race cars.

The trail also passes by Ralph Earnhardt’s grave, with a race car engraved on it. Highway 29 – known as the “Flying Mile” can be seen where the mechanics tested the cars that they worked on.

In addition to Dale Earnhardt’s childhood landmarks, there is the Dale Earnhardt Plaza in downtown Kannapolis and the Curb Motorsports Museum which displays NASCAR history.

There are many more stops along the way, and we at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet hope that you spend some time exploring Dale Earnhardt’s history. This trail is the first motorsports heritage trail in the country, and if you need a car to travel the trail, be sure to stop by Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet.