2015 Chevy SS Get Exciting New Paint Choices

After an incredible first year, the Chevy is throwing a celebration for the Chevrolet SS. Well…sort of a celebration. Next year’s SS is going to come in an array of new color options rather than just the current five offerings. Those colors aren’t going away however, not even “Mystic Green.”

All of the new colors may sound a little unusual, but they are quite exciting. Color names include: Regal Peacock Green, Some Like it Hot Red, Jungle Fever Green, Alchemy Purple, and Perfect Blue. If you want to preview any of these colors before the new model SS hits the market, hop on the SS Forums.

While the 2014 Chevy SS was a huge hit, there are quite a few experts who think the 2015 is going to be even bigger. The new, exotic colors are definitely going to help. We’ve already looked at the colors and we think they look fantastic! Of course if you don’t want to wait for the 2015 to come out, come see the 2014 SS at Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet now.

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